2. What is the legal size of a stair tread? OSHA 1910. <strong>Handrail Required On One Side If 4 Or More Risers. Handrails are located at a height between 34 and 38 inches (864 and 965 mm). minimum clear width of the stairway at and below the handrail height, including treads and landings, shall not be less than 31. Stairs required to be accessible by 4.

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Stairways must be a minimum of 36 inches in clear width at all points between the permitted handrail height and the required headroom height.

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. For code requirements, the minimum staircase width is the horizontal dimension between the sidewalls of a staircase,. Handrail Height Is Between 34-38 Inches. 5 inches (24 cm).

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. 28; 1910. In short, the width is calculated by multiplying the occupant load served by such stairs by a factor of 0.

Handrail Height Is Between 34-38 Inches.