43) Returnable within 20 days days or at the next scheduled court session later than 20 days (CPL § 150. Class A is the highest degree of criminal offense in New York. Criminal possession of a chemical weapon or biological weapon in the first degree. . The following felony class chart is a general sentence classification it does not account for prior criminal history.

List of class a felonies in new york

Felonies are divided into different groups based on how serious the crime is: A-I or A-II, B, C, D, and E.

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New York City (2) New York: 0 4 4: Four people were wounded in a drive-by shooting outside a smoke shop in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

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20 (1) (a)) •Violation •B misdemeanor •A misdemeanor •E felony Δ chooses method of contact (CPL § 510. 30 (possession of marijuana) A defendant convicted of a class A-1 felony (possession of 8 or more ounces of substances containing a narcotic drug or 5,760 milligrams of methadone) may be sentenced to a term of 8 to 20 years imprisonment or a fine of $100,000. Class B Felony Charges in NY. Felonies.

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