Looking to sell my GWM Cannon-X WILLING TO NEGOTIATE 14843KMS Rego till 20th October 2023 This 2022 GWM Ute has been designed with a practical purpose in mind, whether it's for storage space or comfort, it's got it all. tradie guide GWM Ute 2021 review: Cannon-L GVM test. 2022 GWM Ute Cannon-X Auto 4x4 Dual Cab. The Cannon is regarded as a pick up or cab chassis 4x4 built in China with prices from a dealer as a used car starting at $44,700. Skinny torque band. The suspension is a little firm though and needs a bit of weight to soften the rear suspension out a touch.

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Our test vehicle is the Cannon X which is the premium variant in GWM’s three-tiered range which includes entry-level Cannon and mid-grade Cannon L.

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GWM's top of the range model is the Cannon-X.

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1 day ago · Brand New Cannon Ute Cab Chassis - Available for immediate delivery BORN TOUGH, BUILT SMART MADE TO TAKE ON THE COMPETITION The tough GWM Ute has what it takes to handle the most challenging jobs and unforgiving landscapes. . See Options. .

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Cars & Vehicles. <strong>2022 GWM Ute review A comprehensive review of the 2022 GWM Ute. .

GWM Ute Cannon 2022: prices in Australia.