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This Southeast Asia native grows to a decent size of six inches (15 cm) and needs a massive tank.

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They can tolerate other peaceful cichlids but do not keep them with Mbuna or species from the Tropheus or Petrochromis genera.

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As an aggressive and territorial breed of fish, cichlids must be kept with tank mates that are similar in temperament and large enough to avoid being eaten, such as Red tailed sharks and Giant Danios.

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They will often hide their eggs in complex twists of bits of wood, or under rocks if possible. . The Compressiceps Pike Cichlid, also referred to as the Banded Pike Cichlid is native to the rapids of the lower Tocantins River (a branch of the Amazon River) in Eastern Brazil. .

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Today, Lake Tanganyika is 400 miles long, has a maximum width of 50 miles and has a altitude of 2,536 feet. Some possible tank mates for. .