Then found where the sd card slot is, ( inside the central front armrest compartment) looked and the.

The location of the USB slot differs depending on the vehicle model. USB port *1 /SD card slot *2. . . Even though the "Directions" command was recognized, it constantly butchered the address that I spoke out, showing useless options on the navigation screen.

2016 mazda cx 5 navigation sd card location

You slide a small protective door open on the NAV unit, and you will see the SD card.

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2016 17 SD Navigation CARD MAP MEMORY 25920 4HB0D 259204hb0d Q50 Path finder. . 59 $ 35. May 4, 2022 · Now for the bad - The internal voice recognition system of the CX-5 (and probably other Mazda vehicles) SUCKS.

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